AI that crafts successful
Go to Market strategy
precise and fast

Strategy > Copy > Visuals >
Analytics > Improvement > Repeat

Strategy > Copy > Visuals >
Analytics > Improvement > Repeat

AI sales team
in your pocket

Can AI sell itself?
Case study
To test Collider AI we asked it to sell itself on Meta ads

1.04% is 2023 US CTR benchmark for tech industry in Facebook ads


We had only landing page, no copy, no visuals, no human marketer

Round 1

In the first generation of ads, Collider AI reached a 4.68% click-through rate

Round 10

It took just 10 iterations for the algorithm to reach a 9.06% click-through rate

How to start?
Step 1
A few minutes and the model is ready to run
  • Collect data about a new product
  • Come up with a plan
  • Start acquiring customers
Text a short pitch and a website link to our Discord bot. That is all Collider AI needs.
It takes about 5 minutes
Generative AI
Step 2
Personalized ads, landing pages and emails

  • Fine-tuned on millions of growth marketing examples.

  • Trained to generate what works in real marketing campaigns, not what just seems ok.
Like chat GPT, but...
Active improvements
Step 3
AI that not just talks but acts
24/7 analyzes data
Finds patterns invisible to humans
Predicts what will improve the campaign
Here is 5 out of 47 ads
AI created and ran to 2x sales
Collider AI proved efficiency in


US CTR benchmark


Cost per result

x12 less than US benchmark


A day to run Collider AI.

Just double-check ads and copy.

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